Wolfpack Sports

We ride to stand up and spread awareness.

We ride to be the voice for those that wish theirs could continue to fight.

In 2013 I told myself that I would begin to ride a bike again to help myself physically but little did I know I could be a voice for others. After several months and countless miles I participated in my first charity ride and the purpose of ride became more than just a route, I felt the gratification of being the voice for those fighting cancers that wish they could have been one of us on a bike.

In the following year the news that any family fears, that a loved one is suffering from cancer and is fighting it head-on. I wished I could help as many of my family and friends as possible and one night I received the worst news, we had lost someone that was an enormous influence in my life to cancer. That night I wondered what could be done to help not only our family but those who are challenged with this disease in their lives.

I joined my first charity ride that year and my passion to ride for those that I love fueled my journey motivating me to push further. I rode to be the voice for my family and my friends rallied together to in our mission.

The Wolfpack was formed in 2014 for our charity event to support childhood cancer research. Slowly “The Wolfpack” made it their mission to raise funds and fight for those battling cancer. Not only has Wolfpack sports raised more than $5000 in one year to organizations determined to find a cure but its friends became riders, and those riders became fighters, the voice for survivors and the fallen.

Our mission is to continue to stand up and ride against cancer and life threatening diseases. We will be the voice for those that fight courageously and the loved ones we have lost along the way.

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